Ana Paula Rodrigues

Management and Services Officer

Ana Paula Rodrigues is our People and Management and Services Officer, a position she has held since September 2, 2020. Ms. Rodrigues has been the People and Management and Services Officer of the companies of our group since July 2018. Prior to that, she worked at YDUQS from April 1999 to July 2018, including 15 years in leadership positions. During her last two years at YDUQS, she was in charge of the shared services center and the information technology department, which provided services to over 90 campuses throughout Brazil. She also worked in several other departments, including the Student Relations Department. She participated in the creation of the management excellence program and the implementation of the quality control system at YDUQS. She was also the Chief Operations Officer of the distance learning department and in charge of student relations, in which capacity she focused on reducing drop-out rates. She was also responsible for the integration of the largest private educational institution launched by YDUQS. Ms. Rodrigues has an MBA in Strategic Management and a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from Universidade Estácio de Sá.

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