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About Vitru

Education that comes and takes you further

It is not a coincidence that our name is inspired by one of Da Vinci’s most important artistic works – The Vitruvian Man -, which has changed the future of humanity with contributions in different areas of knowledge. Vitru, in Portuguese, has to do with “vidro” (glass), with our transparency in distance relations, guiding each student to a more assertive education.

We bring flexible learning models that comply with and suit student’s unique trajectory. We provide distance learning courses 24 hours a day and on-campus courses whenever each one of our almost 700 thousand students needs it. From north to south, from east to west, we are everywhere!

This is the motivation that makes the difference and makes experiences more welcoming and possible to be completed. Balancing the human side and the technological platforms is the key to unlock the competences of each one.

Nationally recognized for our digital education model and its hybrid methodology, Vitru is one of Brazil’s largest higher education institutions focused on digital education. Through our brands, Uniasselvi and Unicesumar, we are present in all states of Brazil offering digital education and on-campus undergraduate courses, including Medicine.


Our Mission

Our mission is to democratize access to education in Brazil through a digital ecosystem and empower every student to create their own successful story.